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Frequently Asked Questions

Which best describes independent assortment?

Independent Assortment. Independent Assortment is the second law of Gregor Mendel that put forward after his work in studying the genetics. The law of independent assortment is also known as the Law of Inheritance. In this theory, Mendel further stated that the alleles are assorted independently to form a gamete.

What is an example of independent assortment?

Mendel's Independent Assortment Experiment. Mendel performed dihybrid crosses in plants that were true-breeding for two traits. For example, a plant that had round seeds and yellow seed color was cross-pollinated with a plant that had wrinkled seeds and green seed color.

What is the process of independent assortment?

The process of independent assortment happens during metaphase I where the chromosomes from both parents align on the equator of the cell in an independent way, meaning some from each parent on one side, and the opposite on the other. This means the gamete formed has a mixture of chromosomes from the parent's parents,...

What is the difference between recombination and independent assortment?

This impartial nature of the gametes is independent assortment. This is according to Mendelian inheritance. Recombination occurs during meiosis to create variation, wherein some genes, that are far from each other on a chromosome, can get exchanged( with respect to alleles) while segregating( meiosis I).

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