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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the interest rate on an independent bank CD?

Requires an Independent Bank checking account. These rates only apply to personal CDs. Purchase rates as of July 02, 2021 and are subject to change without notice. Normal credit standards and restrictions apply. 30-Year Fixed: Monthly payment of $734.02 at a rate of 3.000% and an assumed purchase loan amount of $173,000.

What are the current CD rates in Michigan?

Here's a summary of today's average CD rates in Michigan, broken down by term. We aggregate rates from multiple sources every day to ensure these rates are current and accurate. Shop today's top CD rates in Michigan. Click "Next" to connect with the bank and lock in your rate.

Where can I get the best CD rates?

Online banks generally offer better rates on six month CDs but the accounts must be opened online. View online bank rates. When interest rates are falling, it is often preferable to lock in high rates for an extended period of time with a longer-term CD.

How often do you get interest on a CD?

Some banks pay interest monthly, other semi-annually, and others at the maturity of the CD. One advantage of a branch-based bank is that a depositor can walk into the bank and receive their interest that day in the form of a check. Online banks tend to use electronic funds transfer or check via mail.

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