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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the phone number for an independent bank?

Call our 24-hour Telephone Banking service immediately at 888.300.3193. Follow these recommended ... Call our 24-hour Telephone Banking service immediately at 888.300.3193. Keep copies of important account numbers and customer service phone numbers in a safe place for easy reference.

How to get a home loan from independent bank?

Call or contact a residential loan officer at your local Independent Bank office or loan center to request a prequalification to help find a home that fits within your budget. Contact a residential loan officer by phone at 800.285.3111. You can also apply for a loan online.

Is there a first Independence Bank in Detroit?

First Independence Bank (FIB) currently manages depository relationships with several municipalities and municipal departments throughout the Metro Detroit area. This bank was established to serve the financial needs of our community, its businesses, and its citizens.

Do you have to be an independent bank to use IB one?

To get started, you must be an Independent Bank customer with Online Banking. Download the app today to get started! Want a More Hands-ON Experience? Check out our IB ONE Wallet click-thru demo and video tutorial!

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