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Frequently Asked Questions

Does New York City still have independent bookstores?

New York City loves its independent bookstores. It eulogizes those that have faded and celebrates when new ventures are launched. And while the historic Book Row may have passed away in the 80s, there are still many indie bookstores dotting the map.

What are the best indie bookstores in NYC?

Bringing some youthful enchantment to proceedings is Brooklyn-based Books Are Magic, a hot new indie bookstore NYC. The baby of a local author and graphic designer pairing, Books Are Magic was born following the closure of their community’s only independent bookstore in 2017.

What are the best independent bookstores in the Bronx?

Bar will be the only independent general bookstore in the Bronx once it opens, according to their website. Their mission is to “create a haven that inspires reading, encourages healthy social interaction, highlights diverse voices, and increases intellectual visibility in the Bronx.”

Where to buy books in New York City?

Address: 828 Broadway, East Village, Manhattan, New York. 4. Albertine, Upper East Side Another beloved bookstore Manhattan has to offer is Albertine on the elegant Upper East Side. Sharing its home with New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts, Albertine is a favoured meeting place among art students and creatives alike.

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