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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people want independent financial advisors?

Independent financial advisors are not affiliated with a larger institution. Independent advisors have more flexibility with the products they offer and how they run their business. (Getty Images) Independence is often viewed as a good trait. People like independent thought and the autonomy of making independent decisions.

How do I become an independent investment advisor?

An individual who wants to become an independent financial advisor usually completes high school in preparation for this career. After high school, an individual interested in this field may go on to college and earn a degree in a finance-related field. For example, a person who wants to pursue this career may earn a degree in finance or accounting.

What does independent financial adviser mean?

Independent financial advisers (IFAs) are professionals who offer independent advice on financial matters to their clients and recommend suitable financial products from the whole of the market . The term was developed to reflect a United Kingdom (UK) regulatory position and has a specific UK meaning, although it has been adopted in other parts of the world, such as Hong Kong .

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