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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you really need an insurance agent?

Insurance agents are no longer mandatory in today's technology-driven world. Whether you need an agent or not, is driven more by a personal preference for how you like to do business. If you are comfortable with insurance terminology and fully understand your policy, forgoing an agent is an option.

Do insurance agents need insurance?

All states require insurance agents to obtain a license to sell insurance. The type of license an agent needs depends on the kind of insurance the individual intends to sell. For instance, an agent who wants to sell life and health insurance will need life and health licenses.

What does it mean to be an independent insurance agency?

As we said, the "independent" in independent insurance agent means they're free to provide insurance products from all sorts of different providers. And with a bigger playing field, they can help you find a policy that matches all of your needs, at the perfect price for you.

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