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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any living aids for the elderly?

Many independent living aids, such as kitchen aids, low vision magnifiers, and amplified large button phones, have made aging in place a reality for the elderly and have helped prolong the experience.

What do you need to know about independent living?

Assistive Technology is a device or a service which helps a person with a disability to do personal or work-related tasks. Independent Living Centers can provide training in different types of Assistive Technology and help people with disabilities to find their own Assistive Technology devices or services. What is Independent Living Philosophy?

What does an independent living center do for You?

The Independent Living Community works toward equal opportunity for people with disabilities to share in all the benefits of society. What is an Independent Living Center? An Independent Living Center serves people with any kind of disability in a local community who can benefit from services.

How many independent living centers are there in California?

Independent Living Centers are designed and operated by a majority of people with disabilities. What are Independent Living Services? There are eight core services provided by California’s Independent Living Centers. Expand each box below for a description of these services.

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