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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any independent newspapers in Florida or Arizona?

Its newspapers and websites in Arizona, Delaware, Florida and Maryland are published for, of and by the people. Independent's news publications are dedicated to community journalism, with a unique blend of issue-oriented stories, reader submissions and "refrigerator" news and photos.

Is there a print edition of the Scottsdale independent?

Scottsdale Independent – Reports on the latest breaking news and community debate in the City of Scottsdale at A print edition is published monthly circulating to more than half of the world renowned city that is northeast of Phoenix.

Which is the longest newspaper in Apache Junction?

Apache Junction Independent – The longest publishing newspaper in the City of Apache Junction. The Apache Junction/Gold Canyon Independent publishes daily at with the latest Pinal County news. A print edition is published monthly circulating to all of Apache Junction and Gold Canyon.

Which is the oldest town in Arizona independent?

Florence Independent – Features one of the oldest towns in Arizona. News about the growing town the embraces the future while preserving its past is posted daily at . Glendale Independent – Serves the largest city west of Phoenix with daily breaking and community news at A print edition is published monthly.

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