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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ri reads?

The Reading Inventory (RI) is a computer-adaptive screener that Cobb County School District uses to provide immediate, actionable data on students' reading levels and growth from kindergarten to 9thgrade.

What newspapers are in Rhode Island?

The Providence Journal, nicknamed the ProJo, is a daily newspaper serving the metropolitan area of Providence, Rhode Island, and is the largest newspaper in Rhode Island. The newspaper was first published in 1829 and is the oldest continuously-published daily newspaper in the United States.

What channel is CBS in Providence RI?

WPRI-TV, virtual channel 12 (VHF digital channel 7), is a dual CBS/MyNetworkTV-affiliated television station licensed to Providence, Rhode Island, United States and also serving New Bedford, Massachusetts.

What is the daily life of Rhode Island?

Daily Life. Rhode Island has red clay soil with lots of hills and forests. Most people are shipbuilders, dairy and cattle farmers for their living. Major Industry: Agriculture (livestock, dairy, fishing), Manufacturing (lumbering)

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