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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 55 housing?

55+ Communities, which sometimes may be called age qualified communities, active adult housing, age-restricted communities or age-segregated communities, are communities with an age restriction for residence. The real estate in these communities ranges from apartment complexes or condos, to single-family homes in a gated community.

What is a senior retirement community?

Retirement Communities. Retirement communities, also known as senior communities and retirement living, provide many advantages to seniors whether they're still able to live autonomously or need special assistance. Retirement Communities are private residential communities for seniors only, which typically includes seniors 55 and older.

What is a senior retirement home?

Retirement Homes for Seniors. A retirement home is one of many housing options available to older adults, generally 55 years or older. In a retirement home, each person or couple lives in an apartment-style room or suite of rooms generally consisting of a living area, one or more bedrooms, one or more bathrooms and a small kitchen or kitchenette.

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