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Frequently Asked Questions

Why search local obituaries with Index-Journal?

Our online database enables you to perform searches without the hassle of performing manual searches through old records. Some of the most beneficial reasons to look into Index-Journal local obituaries include:

How many obituaries are there in the obituary archives?

Our obituary archives include over 250 million newspaper obituaries and death records covering over 327 years from over 9,000 newspapers. And new obituary records are added daily. You can search for obituaries by name, state, city or newspaper publication to narrow your search.

Where can I find old obituaries?

Each newspaper has different policies for accessing their old obituaries archives. To start, select the state. Once you are at the obituaries page, you can do a search of the old obituaries archives online or you can contact the newspapers directly.

How are online obituaries published?

Obituaries are exactly as published in local, state, and national U.S. newspapers. We receive the same "feed" from the newspapers that they send to printing plants. Our online obituary archive is updated throughout the day and even includes the obituaries that will appear in tomorrow's newspapers from across the country.

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