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Frequently Asked Questions

When to use index full scan or range scan?

Index Full Scan can also be used to access second column of concatenated indexes because the whole index is being retrieved as compared to a range scan which may not retrieve all the blocks. Index Fast Full Scan (Index FFS) An Index Fast Full Scan (Index FFS) scans all the blocks in the index using multiblock I/O.

Which is an example of an index scan?

For example: Index range scan Index range scan is a method for accessing a range values of a particular column. AT LEAST the leading column of the index must be supplied to access data via the index. It can be used for range operations (e.g. > < >= <= between ) or where the data to be returned is not unique. For example:

How is a range scan different from a unique scan?

A "range" scan starts at some starting value, and reads index entries sequentially (i,.e. along the b-tree) until it encounters a value that runs past a second value (a search for a single value on a non-unique index is a range scan, BTW).

Which is the index fast full scan metric?

The index fast full scans (full) Oracle metric is the number of fast full scans initiated for full segments. All of the columns required by SQL must reside in the index tree; that is, all columns in the SELECT and WHERE clauses must exist in the index.

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