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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the government funding agencies in India?

India Government Funding State Government Funding Contact & Add NGO Funding Agencies Funding Agencies providing Grants to NGOs Home | NGOs India | International NGOs | Funding Agencies | CSR Funding Companies | Government Funding | NGO Consultancy | Contact | Privacy Policy

Who are the funding agencies for CSR in India?

Indian Funding Agencies CSR Funding Companies CSR Funding in India CSR Funding – International CSR Funding by Public Sector Companies Government Funding India Government Funding State Government Funding

What kind of funding do NGOs get in India?

Most of the companies have no certain grant schemes and projects. Public Sector Companies provide funds on certain parameters and profiles of the NGOs on any kind of regular or innovative idea or concept. NGO can apply for CSR funding through the prepared project.

How are funding agencies and Grant supporters work?

Funding Agencies. The funding agencies and grant supporters provide funds according to their guidelines, terms and conditions in certain pre-decided parameters. Most of the funding agencies provide funding to the grass-root level NGOs who really work for social sector, social causes, entrepreneurship and associated with welfare programmes.

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