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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Indiana a blue state or a red state?

Most of the states around the Great Lakes are "blue states," places where folks generally have liberal political leanings. Even northern Ohio -- Cleveland, Toledo, Youngstown, and their suburban and exurban areas -- would be solidly blue if it was its own state. However, Indiana is solidly Republican. It has been a "red state" for nearly 40 years.

Is Indiana a DEM or rep state?

Indiana has long been considered to be a Republican stronghold and is rated R+7 on the Cook Partisan Voting Index.

What is Indiana's nickname?

Indiana nicknameThe Hoosier State

What is special about Indiana?

During the American Civil War, Indiana became politically influential and played an important role in the affairs of the nation. Indiana was the first western state to mobilize for the United States in the war, and soldiers from Indiana participated in all the war's major engagements.

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