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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was number 16 on the IU basketball team?

A team captain, he earned UPI All-American honorable mention in 1961. Also under consideration: Frank O'Bannon (future governor of Indiana) 16 – Ernie Andres: He wore three numbers (25, 5 also) during his IU career, and neither of his two All-Big Ten seasons came wearing No. 16, but pickings were slim.

Who is number 17 on the Indiana Hoosiers basketball team?

17 – Ralph Hamilton: Another to wear multiple numbers (5, 10), he led the Hoosiers in scoring in 1943 and 1947 after returning from a three-year stint in the Army during World War II. As a 25-year-old senior he averaged 13.4 points, earned All-American honors and graduated as the team's all-time leading scorer (632 points).

Who was the head coach at IU in 1967?

He was an assistant under Branch McCracken and took over for McCracken in 1996. He served as IU's head coach for five years, leading the Hoosiers to a share of the 1967 Big Ten title. A player mutiny in 1971-72 led to Watson being reassigned within the athletic department.

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