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Frequently Asked Questions

Who started the 2013 season at home for the Indianapolis Colts?

The Colts began their 2013 season at home, for the first time since 2009, against the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders, who received the opening kickoff, would turn the ball over on a Terrelle Pryor interception by Colts cornerback Greg Toler.

How did the Colts make the 2013 NFL playoffs?

The Colts became the first team of the 2013 season to win their division, securing a home playoff game. With the Titans' loss to the Cardinals in Week 15, the Colts were the only AFC South team to make the playoffs .

Did the Colts sweep their division rivals in 2013?

With the win, the Colts were the only team during the 2013 season to sweep all of their division rivals. ^ Cincinnati defeated Indianapolis head-to-head ( Week 14, 42–28 ). ^ Pittsburgh finished with a better division record than Baltimore. ^ Pittsburgh defeated the New York Jets head-to-head ( Week 6, 19–6 ).

Did Peyton Manning play for the Colts in 2013?

On October 20, 2013, Peyton Manning made his first return to Indianapolis since being released by the Indianapolis Colts and signed by the Denver Broncos, a game in which commentator Al Michaels dubbed "the War of 1812" (referring to Peyton Manning's number of 18 and Colts quarterback Andrew Luck's number of 12). The Colts won the game 39-33.

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