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Frequently Asked Questions

How many championships have the Indianapolis Colts won?

The Colts have won five NFL Championships, including two Super Bowl titles. The Colts relocated from Baltimore in 1984, and began their stay in Indianapolis winning 90 of 228 games through the 1997 season, including 5 playoff games.

Who is the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts?

Mike Golic weighs in on the challenges that await Frank Reich as the new head coach of the Colts. INDIANAPOLIS -- Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich has been hired to be the Indianapolis Colts' next head coach.

What year did Indianapolis Colts come to Indianapolis?

The team began play as the Indianapolis Colts for the 1984 National Football League (NFL) season. The Colts' move was unannounced and occurred in the early hours of March 29, 1984, after years of lobbying for a new stadium to replace the inadequate Memorial Stadium.

What is the history of the Indianapolis Colts?

The Indianapolis Colts are a professional American football team based in Indianapolis, Indiana. They are a member of the South Division of the American Football Conference (AFC) in the National Football League (NFL). In 1953, a Baltimore-based group led by Carroll Rosenbloom won the rights to a new Baltimore franchise.

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