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Frequently Asked Questions

When do indigo bunting come to Tennessee?

They arrive in Tennessee in mid-April and depart by mid-October. Description: The Indigo Bunting is a rather slim bird with a short, thick bill. During the breeding season adult males are a solid deep blue; during the non-breeding season (September-April), males are brown with a variable amount of blue scattered throughout.

What does indindigo Bunting look like?

Indigo usually shows more streaking on the underparts; also note fainter wingbars, duller breast, and more contrasting whitish throat. Learn more about Indigo Bunting from…

Are the indigo bunting and lazuli bunting sister taxa?

Taxonomy. However, according to sequencing of the mitochondrial cytochrome-b gene of members of the genus Passerina, it was determined that the indigo bunting and lazuli bunting are not, in fact, sister taxa. The indigo bunting is the sister of two sister groups, a "blue" ( lazuli bunting and blue grosbeak) and a "painted" ( Rosita's bunting,...

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