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Frequently Asked Questions

What attracts indigo buntings?

Backyard Tips. You can attract Indigo Buntings to your yard with feeders, particularly with small seeds such as thistle or nyjer. Indigo Buntings also eat many insects, so live mealworms may attract them as well.

What do indigo buntings eat at feeders?

In winter, Indigo Buntings eat small seeds, buds and some insects. Their main sustenance is small seeds of grasses. They can also be found at feeders and in rice fields consuming rice seeds. They do not drink often but obtain adequate water from the food they eat.

Where can you find Indigo buntings?

The Indigo Bunting is a beautiful bird common throughout most of the U.S., from Maine to the southeastern tip of California, although they spend the winter in Central America.

What does indigo blue bunting eat?

In winter, it often feeds in flocks with other indigo buntings, but is a solitary feeder during the breeding season. During the breeding season, the species eats insects, seeds and berries , including caterpillars, grasshoppers, spiders, beetles, and grass seeds .

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