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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the increase in the Consumer Price Index a sign of inflation?

F or economists and investors, inflation remains a hot-button topic, and while the August increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) was more modest than expected, some market observers believe that this reading is simply the latest sign that rising prices won't be as transitory as previously hoped.

Is the inflation a risk to the market?

“Absolutely inflation is a risk to markets,” Eric Schoenstein, chief investment officer at Jensen Investment Management, said in a phone interview. “It’s really a risk to the companies that are in the market.”

Why does headline inflation fluctuate so much in a country?

The BIS team concluded that in a regime where officials are able to maintain price stability, “most of the fluctuations in headline inflation are due to price swings in finely defined expenditure categories rather than to generalized price movements.”

Why is it difficult to predict future inflation?

“Predicting future inflation can be difficult as current readings only reflect where prices have been trending rather than where they are headed. Moreover, temporary supply or demand shocks within specific industries (I.e. – oil and gasoline) can swing inflation for periods of time,” adds Nationwide.

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