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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch Infowars on my phone?

Live stream Infowars shows such as Real News, the Alex Jones Show or the War Room from your phone anywhere. Stay up to date with articles as they’re published from, the #1 source in Alternative News. Favorite and save articles to read later when you have time.

Who is the InfoWars reporter for South Africa?

Infowars Europe reporter Dan Lyman joins Alex Jones live in studio to discuss the communist collapse of South Africa and the battle to salvage the remnants of western civilization taking place worldwide. Save 33% on our new Organic Greens Fiver Caps today!

Who is Alex Jones and what does InfoWars stand for?

InfoWars is a far-right American conspiracy theory and fake news website owned by Alex Jones ... InfoWars features The Alex Jones Show on their broadcasts and was established as a public-access television program aired in Austin, Texas DJing Animation [pronounced DeeJaying Animation] is a music TV channel broadca...

Is there an app to upgrade InfoWars official?

Using APKPure App to upgrade Infowars Official, install xapk, fast, free and save your internet data. Stay on the front line of the Infowar, anywhere you go. Tap into the truth of the world with Infowars, one of the most popular Alternative Media sources on Earth and stay up to date with up-to-the minute reporting.

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