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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the President close to finalizing the infrastructure bill?

President Biden and congressional Democrats are close to finalizing their much anticipated infrastructure bill. Negotiations are expected to continue into the weekend in an effort to scale back the plan and determine how to pay for it. Christina Ruffini has more.

Why was the $ 1 trillion infrastructure bill so important?

The $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill and President Joe Biden’s larger domestic policy package garnered national interest because of the bipartisan struggles and brief periods of unity for the United States.

What was included in the bipartisan infrastructure bill?

The full bipartisan bill contains $550 billion in new spending; the $1.2 trillion figure comes from including additional funding normally allocated each year for highways and other infrastructure projects. The new spending includes:

When is the deadline for the infrastructure bill?

Pelosi hopes to have the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, which forms part of the larger reconciliation package, to be signed by the end of the month. The October 31 deadline is the same day the 30-day reauthorization of federal highway programs expires.

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