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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a common ingredient?

Top 10 Common Ingredients used in Cooking 1. Rice. Rice is one of the main staple diets in the world today; it's used as a base in many main course meals and in... 2. Cheese . From soft ripened to uncooked pressed, some or the other variety of cheese is exploited in cuisines all over... 3. Wine. A ...

What is the ingredient list?

Ingredients: Whole wheat, wheat bran, sugar/glucose-fructose, salt, malt (corn flour, malted barley), vitamins (thiamine hydrochloride, pyridoxine hydrochloride, folic acid, d-calcium pantothenate), minerals (iron, zinc oxide). Reading the ingredient list is both important and useful.

What do the ingredients do?

An ingredient is a substance that forms part of a mixture (in a general sense). For example, in cooking, recipes specify which ingredients are used to prepare a specific dish . Many commercial products contain secret ingredients that are purported to make them better than competing products. In the pharmaceutical industry, an active ingredient is that part of a formulation that yields the ...

What are the ingredients in a drink?

Usually, it is made with alcoholic drinks such as vodka, gin or rum. Since such spirits do not have much taste of their own (at around 40% alcohol), other ingredients are added. Common ingredients are fruits, fruit juice, sugar, crushed ice, and ice cubes.

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