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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the inner Explorer program easy to use?

"Inner Explorer is very user friendly and easy to implement. We have seen a dramatic increase in the positive behaviors of the students in the classrooms where the program is done with fidelity. The investment of 5-10 minutes daily, comes back to you exponentially!

Who are the leaders of the inner explorer?

Inner Explorer is the world leader in the delivery of MBSR formatted daily mindfulness practice in schools, currently reaching more than 1,000,000 students and over 35,000 teachers. Select the program that fits your needs. Invite all the teachers to join your program. The stressors in our lives are growing.

Is there a mindfulness program called Inner explorer?

Inner Explorer offers an easy to use mindfulness program across all platforms. Practice mindfulness on laptop, phone, tablet, chrome book, kindle and more. Delivering Mindfulness online, without any contact. Several controlled and randomized controlled trials (RCT's) were conducted on Inner Explorer programming.

How long does an inner explorer practice last?

"Inner Explorer has empowered our students to handle stress, anxiety, and negative emotions in a constructive manner. The 5-10 minute guided audio practices are long enough to provide immediate positive effects and short enough as to not disrupt instructional time.

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