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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Innovation Academy?

Innovation Academy is a public magnet STEM high school that focuses on real-world experience to engage students in meaningful learning experiences. We are opening for students who will be in the 9th or 10th grade in the fall of 2021.

What is the University of Florida Innovation Academy?

The University of Florida Innovation Academy (IA) was developed to equip students with the 21 st -century skills needed to thrive in an innovative culture. IA is a living-learning community embedded within the traditional University of Florida experience. Students select from over 30 UF majors and earn their degree with a minor in Innovation.

How can I increase or decrease volume at Innovation Academy?

Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. There have been many changes made within the Sullivan County School System this summer! At Innovation Academy, we have brand new start and end times. Please make a note of these as we prepare for the upcoming school year!

Why study at Ia?

Given our unique schedule, IA students have the opportunity to enjoy Fall co-curricular activities, pursue internships, study abroad, or enjoy the break at home. The exclusive minor curriculum focuses on entrepreneurship, design, creativity, collaboration, leadership, ethics, prototyping, and innovation.

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