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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is innovation industries and what do they do?

Innovation Industries designs and manufactures the highest level of custom elevator fixtures and accessories, supported by our unmatched staff of skilled professionals and customer service representatives.

What does innovation industries do in the Netherlands?

About us. Innovation Industries is an independent venture capital fund that combines company-building and venture investment under one roof. We use a market-driven approach to create long-term value in high technology start-up and scale-up companies. Our partnerships with all Dutch technical universities and applied research institutes...

What kind of services does Novation industries offer?

Novation Industries® specializes in custom manufacturing solutions and integrated product development services including: Design, Injection Molding, Sourcing, Contract Manufacturing, and Logistics. Novation’s core ideology drives innovation, efficiency, and a customer-centric focus.

Who are the most innovative companies in the world?

These innovative leaders include relatively new organizations such as Uber and Amazon—which changed processes at the core of their industries in order to disrupt the status quo—as well as stalwarts like Microsoft and Apple, which have been around for decades but owe their continued success to constant reinvention and innovation.

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