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Frequently Asked Questions

When did the song Innuendo first come out?

The song was initially not released as a single as part of promotion for the Innuendo album, but was released in October 1991 as the band launched their Greatest Hits II album. The video for the song featured a compilation of clips from all their videos since 1982, in support of the Greatest Hits II album.

What kind of music is Innuendo by Queen?

Stylistically, Innuendo is in some sense a return to Queen's roots, with its harder rock sound, complex musical composition (title track), psychedelic effects ("I'm Going Slightly Mad"), and somewhat weakened vocals from Mercury ranging over three octaves (F2-A5).

When did innuendo by Freddie Mercury come out?

The band and producers were aiming for a November or December release date in order to catch the crucial Christmas market, but Mercury's declining health meant that the release of the album did not take place until February 1991.

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