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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name innuendo mean?

An innuendo is a hint, insinuation or intimation about a person or thing , especially of a denigrating or a derogatory nature. It can also be a remark or question, typically disparaging (also called insinuation), that works obliquely by allusion.

What are some examples of innuendo in literature?

Examples of Innuendo in Literature Example #1: Hard Times (By Charles Dickens) Example #2: The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock (By T. S. Eliot) Example #3: Now Look What You’ve Done (By Roderick Molasar) Example #4: Oliver Twist (By Charles Dickens) Example #5: Venus and Adonis (By William Shakespeare)

What is use of innuendo?

Devices used in Double Entendres Innuendo. An innuendo is the use of a word or phrase to insinuate or imply something negative or inappropriate about a person or thing, without directly saying it. Pun. A pun is a type of word play that uses similar sounding words or words with more than one meaning in a humorous way. Euphemism. ...

What do you mean by innuendo in English?

"innuendo" in English. See all translations. innuendo noun [ C or U ] uk ​ /ˌɪn.juˈen.dəʊ/ us ​ /ˌɪn.juˈen.doʊ/ plural innuendos or innuendoes. › (the making of) a remark or remarks that suggest something sexual or something unpleasant but do not refer to it directly: There's always an element of sexual innuendo in our conversations.

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