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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an inquisitive in D&D?

Based loosely off the Investigator from editions past, the Inquisitive archetype focuses on solving problems through noticing that things are… off. Rather than exposing jugulars or stealing gold, the Inquisitive’s day-to-day is talking, noticing problems, and eyeing weaknesses.

What does it mean to enter the Inquisitor?

Enter the Inquisitor. Inquisitors are based on the real world equivalent by the same name. The men of the Church who would go around and destroy things they considered unholy whether they be text or people themselves. Magic in many worlds are sort of viewed as an equivalent to science.

How many classes are there in Dragon Age Inquisition?

There are three available classes in Dragon Age: Inquisition -- mage , rogue and warrior. Each of these have three specializations . Specializations are sub-class choices that further define and customize characters.

How do I unlock the Inquisitor's specializations?

The Inquisitor can only learn one specialization. Specializations will be unlocked after the first set of repairs is made to Skyhold, when the war table operation Specializations for the Inquisitor becomes available. You need to use Cullen if you are a warrior, Josephine if you are a mage or Leliana if you are a rogue to complete the operation.

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