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Frequently Asked Questions

Where was the Inquisition used?

The Inquisition was an emergency device and was employed mainly in S France, N Italy, and Germany. In 1542, Paul III assigned the medieval Inquisition to the Congregation of the Inquisition, or Holy Office.

What is the principle of Inquisition in German criminal law?

History of the principle of inquisition in German criminal law. The principle of inquisition is a form of criminal proceeding developed in Italy, which is labeled by the axiom of the ex officio inquiry of a criminal issue. There is no obligation of the inquiry and the final decision to be executed by the same institution.

How many people were killed during the Inquisition?

Catholic writer John Cornwell also states how 1-10 million people were murdered during the Inquisition period alone, with 10,000 females (many under the age of ten) perishing in Germany, according to the Sunday Times, 23 August 1998.

What is an inquisitor?

Although the term "Inquisition" is usually applied to ecclesiastical courts of the Catholic Church, it refers to a judicial process, not an organization. Inquisitors '...were called such because they applied a judicial technique known as inquisitio, which could be translated as "inquiry" or "inquest".'

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