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Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered insider information?

Insider Information. Insider information is information that is not made available to the public and that concerns the future intentions or present or future condition of a publicly traded company. Insider information can potentially provide investors with a financial advantage when they engage in buying or selling that company’s stock.

What is the definition of inside information?

Inside information is any type of data that is obtained by someone not from public disclosure, but from a source within the company or a source that owes the company a duty to keep the information confidential. For example, the information that is known to the company's board of directors, management, and/or employees is inside information.

What is material inside information?

inside information. Definition. Material information about a company which is known by the company's board of directors, management, and/or employees but not by the public. The SEC forbids trading based on such information.

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