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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Insperity cost?

Insperity COST: Pricing Starts at $230 per person . Now that we've got that covered, Insperity is wonderful for offering customizable services to small business owners. Plus, they don't make you pay for bundled services either.

What is the difference between HR outsourcing and a PEO?

While PEOs take a similar burden away from employers, contractually sharing responsibilities with the company, they can force a sacrifice of control, if managed poorly. While HR outsourcing allows an employer to relieve responsibility without surrendering supervision, PEOs can pose a threat as leaders lose sight of strategy and operations.

What is Insperity orgplus?

Insperity OrgPlus can analyze some organizational changes that have happened in the past through the company, so users can have a bigger understanding about what worked, and what didn’t work. They can make or model their own “what if” occurrences, so that they won’t get caught off guard as the organization continues...

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