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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I invest in Instacart?

Investments in Instacart can be done with traditional share transfers. A better bet would be to invest in your own Instacart like app based on the Instacart clone script.

What is Instacart and how does it work?

How Does Instacart Work? Download the App or Sign Up Online. First, you'll first need to download the Instacart app ( iOS or Android) or create a free account online. Enter Your Location and Choose Your Store. Once you're signed in, enter the ZIP code or address where you'll want your items delivered. ... Fill Your Shopping Cart. ... More items...

How does Instacart pay its shoppers?

In store shoppers collect the items on the list and pay for them at checkout using a PEX credit card provided by Instacart. They then place the items in an area designated for pickup by a delivery driver. Full service shoppers deliver the items themselves after checking out.

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