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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to format an Instagram post?

Use Notes to format your Instagram posts It’s easier to write and edit your Instagram posts using the Notes app than the Instagram app. Notes allows you to see what you’re drafting more clearly. And you can add all of the lines, emojis, and spaces you need.

What is the size of an Instagram post?

Instagram Post Size Instagram Photo Posts Instagram Video Posts Landscape posts – 1.91:1, 1080 X 608PX Landscape video posts – 1.91:1, 1080 X 6 ... Square posts – 1:1,1080 x 1080PX Portrait video posts – 4:5, 1080 x 1350P ... For Portrait posts – 4:5, 1080 x 1350PX

How to format your Instagram posts (for readability)?

How to format your Instagram posts (for readability) Rule #1: Don’t write your caption copy in Instagram. Rule #2: Use a symbol to format bullets Rule #3: Don’t include emojis before or after breakpoints.

What is the best file format to upload on Instagram?

Not all smartphones can shoot in the same aspect ratio, resolution, or a particular format. So, follow these guidelines to upload the right file on Instagram. JPEG, PNG, BMP, and non-animated GIFs. Up to 8 MB. MPEG-4, popularly known as MP4, best video format. MOV is also supported but not recommended if you have an MP4 file. H.264 codec.

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