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Frequently Asked Questions

What to post on Instagram for real estate?

27 Ideas for your Real Estate Instagram Posts. 1 1. Local Market Stats. People care about some market stats, but usually only if they’re extremely local and relevant to them. This is the perfect ... 2 2. Local Thing To Do. 3 3. Local Restaurant. 4 4. Team Event. 5 5. Goals. More items

Which social media platforms are best for real estate agents?

Instagram is a prime social media outlet for real estate agents. It’s easy to use, it’s engaging, it’s popular, it’s already connected to Facebook, and most importantly, it’s visual.

How many Realtors are on Instagram?

Only 14% of realtors are on Instagram but 83% of all homebuyers reported wanting to see more pictures of properties online. One-third of the most-viewed Instagram stories are from businesses.

How do you show your personality as a realtor?

Funny Meme There are so many funny memes about real estate and homes. This is another good way to show people your personality. Stay away from jokes about groups of people that could be considered offensive. Don’t post “insider” memes that only other Realtors would understand or that disparage clients.

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