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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I watch Instagram reels on my computer?

On your computer, click on the notification at the bottom right of your Windows PC. Then tap on “Connect”. Now launch the app on your phone and wait until the name of your PC appears. Tap the name of your PC and tap on the phone screen mirroring. Finally, we want to introduce AirServer.

How to make your own reel on Instagram?

Bring your ideas to life with creative tools. Create seamless transition moments with Align to line up objects between clips. Set a timer to record hands-free, and adjust speed for video and audio. Collaborate and play with Remix. Remix a reel by recording your own video next to someone else's.

Are there any short clips on Instagram reels?

Amidst TikTok being banned from other countries, some app developers have taken this as an opportunity to finally compete with the popular app. Recently, Facebook and Instagram’s developers announced a new feature on Instagram called Instagram Reels. You can record a short clip of 15 seconds or less.

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