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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the Insurance Australia Group report?

The 2017 annual report of Insurance Australia Group Limited (IAG, or the Group) includes IAG’s full statutory accounts, along with the Directors’ and remuneration reports for the financial year 2017. This year’s corporate governance report is available in the About Us area of our website (

Who is the chairman of Insurance Australia Group?

CHAIRMAN ELIZABETH B BRYAN AM BA (Econ), MA (Econ) – Chairman and Independent Non-Executive Director INSURANCE INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE Elizabeth Bryan was appointed a Director of IAG on 5 December 2014, and became Chairman on 31 March 2016.

When is the Insurance Australia Group 2020 AGM?

2020 annual general meeting The 2020 annual general meeting (AGM) of Insurance Australia Group Limited will commence at 10.00am on Friday, 23 October 2020. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, our AGM this year will be held virtually for all shareholders through the online AGM platform at

When do the IAG financial results come out?

IAG reports its full year financial results in August each year, and its half year financial results in February. View recent webcasts of results presentations, read the investor reports and media releases, and access our annual and interim reports. Announced on 8 August, 2019. IAG has announced its results for the full year ended 30 June 2019.

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