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Frequently Asked Questions

When does Insurance Australia Group Limited pay dividend?

The payment date for this dividend is 30/03/2021. Based on our analysis, from 2010, Insurance Australia Group Limited pays dividend 23 times. Total dividend is 321.5 cents. Average dividend is 13.98 cents. Maximum dividend is 26 cents while minimum dividend is 4.5 cents.

Who is the Insurance Australia Group Limited ( IAG )?

Insurance Australia Group Limited Dividend 2021 Insurance Australia Group Ltd (IAG) is a general insurance group, with operations in Australia and New Zealand. The Group provides a range of personal and commercial insurance products, primarily motor vehicle and home insurance.

What are the divisions of Insurance Australia Group?

IAG has two customer facing divisions New Zealand Division and Australia Division. Insurance Australia Group Limited operators in Financials sector and under industry of Property & Casualty Insurance. The company website is:

What is the yield on Insurance Australia Group?

Insurance Australia Group (ASX:IAG) Dividend History by Quarter Announced Period Amount Yield Ex-Dividend Date 2/11/2021 Interim $0.07 1.31% 2/16/2021 2/13/2020 Interim $0.10 1.47% 2/18/2020 8/9/2019 Final $0.20 2.6% 8/19/2019 2/7/2019 Interim $0.12 1.58% 2/12/2019

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