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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you enter a writing competition?

Yes, yes, yes you should . Writing contests offer many benefits, not the least of which is a deadline. There's nothing like a deadline to force you to put your posterior in a chair and some words down on paper. You can also win prize money, get published, establish credibility, build your writer's platform and grow a readership.

Is competition good essay?

Competition Is Good Essay ...Competition for Children Growing Up Competition is something that drives a person to do better at something. Today competition is being taking away from kids who are growing up at the ages of five and up.

What are creative writing essays?

A creative essay is an essay that demonstrates an individual’s creative writing abilities. When you are assigned a creative writing essay then basically you need to creatively write about a topic or idea using the traditional essay structure. A creative essay is a fun way to explore different ideas within a structured writing style.

What is an essay writing contest?

An essay contest can be great way to promote the spirit of expression via writing, and can also serve as a way to encourage involvement and interest in civic matters and pressing issues in society. Essays lead the writer to look at social issues critically, creatively, and analytically, in addition to promoting a particular cause.

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