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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Windows 10 21h2 disable Internet Explorer 11?

If everything goes according to the plan, Windows 10 21H2 update will disable IE11 by default. Microsoft to retire Internet Explorer in 2022 In older versions, such as version 20H2 or version 2004 of Windows 10, Internet Explorer will be retired in June of 2022.

What is 21h1 Windows 10?

Windows 10, version 21H1 is available for users with devices running Windows 10, versions 2004 and higher who manually seek to “Check for updates” via Windows Update. The recommended servicing status is Semi-Annual Channel.

When will Internet Explorer 11 be retired?

Internet Explorer 11 will be retired in June 2022 for most Windows 10 versions. Microsoft's Internet Explorer 11 web browser will be retired by the company in 2022 for most Windows versions. Microsoft announced the end of Internet Explorer today, just a day after the official release of Windows 10 version 21H1.

How to enable Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10?

Ensure that the Internet Explorer 11 is properly installed under that section. If you cant find it there, you have to check if it is enabled/selected and active under Control Panel > Programs > Turn Windows features on and off. Get back to us, for us to continue.

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