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Frequently Asked Questions

What version of Internet Explorer is included in Windows Vista?

Windows Vista comes with a version of Internet Explorer 7 built in. As it is traditional of the Windows platform, there is a marriage between Vista and the latest variant of Microsoft's browser. However, this marriage is strongly safeguarded from divorce.

How do I uninstall Internet Explorer 9?

Right-click on Windows Internet Explorer 9 and select uninstall from the context menu. This initiates the uninstallation of the browser from the system. From that point on, follow the instructions to uninstall the browser. To complete the uninstallation, the computer needs to be restarted in the end.

How do you update Internet Explorer on Windows Vista?

Updating Internet Explorer on Windows 7 / Vista Click on “Start” and type “Update” into the search field. Click on “Windows Update” when it displays in the list of search results. The Windows Update screen will display. Click on “Check for updates” in the left pane of Windows Update.

What is IE for Windows Vista?

Internet Explorer Vista9.0 Vista. IE9 is designed to enable a more immersive, more beautiful Web experience. The new version of IE takes advantage of the power of modern Windows PC hardware to improve all-around Web browsing performance. It is the only browser with hardware-accelerated HTML5 spanning all graphics, text, audio and video.

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