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Frequently Asked Questions

What version of Internet Explorer is on my computer?

To determine which version of Internet Explorer is installed on your computer: Open your Internet Explorer browser. Near the top right corner, click the Tools ( ) button (or the Help button if you’re using Internet Explorer 8) and then choose About Internet Explorer. The About Internet Explorer window will appear.

Where to download Internet Explorer?

Open Internet Explorer 9 and then the View Downloads window. This can be done by pressing Ctrl-j, or clicking on Tools > View Downloads in the menu bar of the browser. The View Downloads window displays all user initiated downloads along with information where they have been stored.

How do you download Internet Explorer browser?

Visit Click the option for "Downloads and Trials" on the top menu and then choose "Internet Explorer" (the version number updates whenever there is a new release). Click "Download Now" and then save the Internet Explorer setup file to your computer.

What are some alternatives to Internet Explorer?

Four popular alternatives to Internet Explorer are regularly used – Opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari – and these are all free to download.

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