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Frequently Asked Questions

What Internet Explorer version is most suitable for Windows 7?

If you're using Windows 7 or 8.1, the most recent version you can use is IE 11. If you're using Vista, the newest version for your computer is IE 9. If you're using Windows XP, the most recent version you can use is IE 8.

Can I get Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7?

How to Download Internet Explorer 9 for Windows 7 Method 1: Download. Although most of the links from Microsoft and various other reliable sources are gone, there are a couple of links available though. Method 2: Downgrade your Internet Explorer. You can downgrade to Internet Explorer version 9. ... Method 3: Internet Explorer Tab. ...

How do you install Microsoft Internet Explorer?

Start Internet Explorer. Go to the "Microsoft Internet Explorer" website (see Resources). Look for an announcement that a new, updated version of Internet Explorer is available. Click the "Download Now" button to install it.

Where is Internet Explorer located on Windows 7?

The taskbar is another common place to find a shortcut for Internet Explorer. If you're using Windows 8.1, Windows 7 or older versions of Windows, look at the left side of your taskbar, for the classic "e" icon, right next to the Start icon.

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