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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find Internet Explorer tools?

Open Internet Explorer. Click "View" from the main menu. In the list of options, hover your mouse over the "Toolbar" item. A list of IE toolbars is shown.

Where do I find 'tools' in Internet Explorer 10?

The Menu Bar will be pinned to the top of the IE browser, from where you can always easily access the Tools menu. Usually, "Tools" is on the Menu Bar. Right click on the Title Bar. Microsoft Edge is an upgraded version of Internet Explorer, and Windows 10 users generally use Microsoft Edge instead of Internet Explorer.

How do you get toolbar for Internet Explorer?

Open Internet Explorer. Click "Tools" from the command bar at the top-right side. Click "Toolbars" from the "Tools" drop-down list. A list of your Internet Explorer toolbars appears. Click a toolbar from the list. The toolbar displays. If you do not see your desired toolbar button,...

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