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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I put Internet Explorer on my toolbar?

1.Press “Alt” key and menu bar options displays. 2.Select ‘View’ on the menu bar. 3.Point to ‘Toolbar’ and then click on the toolbar options you want to show in Internet Explorer.

How do you get the menu bar on Internet Explorer?

Press the Alt key on the keyboard. Pressing the Alt key will temporarily show this menu and allow users to use any of its features. The menu bar will be located right below the Address bar, where the web page address is located. If anything but the menu bar is clicked, it will be hidden again.

Where is the toolbar on the Internet Explorer?

The toolbar is located at the top on your Internet Explorer web browser. It holds quick launches like email, instant messengers, favorites, bookmarks, search bar. etc. For some reasonr, the toolbar can sometimes disappear from your browser.

Where is the menu bar on Internet Explorer?

The menu bar is the part of a browser or application window, typically at the top left side, that houses drop-down menus that allow the user to interact with the content or application in various ways.

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