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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Tools button in Internet Explorer?

If you are using the Internet Explorer web browser, then all you have to do is to click on the Tools option. This is located from the Menu Bar. And from there, simply click on the Internet Options for you to access it from the menu bar.

How do I add Internet Explorer to my toolbar?

Click "Toolbars" from the "Tools" drop-down list. A list of your Internet Explorer toolbars appears. Click a toolbar from the list. The toolbar displays. If you do not see your desired toolbar button, click "Customize.". A "Customize Toolbar" window appears. Click a toolbar button from the left column and click "Add.".

Where is Internet Explorer toolbar?

The toolbar is located at the top on your Internet Explorer web browser. It holds quick launches like email, instant messengers, favorites, bookmarks, search bar.

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