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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find Internet Explorer in Windows 10 [tip]?

How to Find Internet Explorer on Windows 10 Type "Internet Explorer" in the Cortana/Search box . (Saying "Hey Cortana, open Internet Explorer" isn't useful here.) Right click on Internet Explorer in the Cortana/Search window. To add Internet Explorer as a tile on your Start Menu click Pin to Start . To keep it on your taskbar simply click Pin to taskbar . See More....

What version of Internet Explorer does Windows 10 support?

Although Microsoft Edge is the default browser, Internet Explorer 11 has been included in Windows 10 for legacy purposes. Microsoft recommends developers to use Edge for new projects.

How do you open Microsoft Internet Explorer?

Opening Internet Explorer Click or tap the Start button. Type "internet explorer" on the Start menu or screen. Click "Internet Explorer" in the search results to open it. Create a shortcut to find it quicker in the future. Troubleshoot Internet Explorer not opening.

How do you connect Internet Explorer?

Click the gear icon and choose "Internet Options" from the menu to display the Internet Options window. Click the "Connections" tab to view the network connections used by Internet Explorer to connect to the Internet.

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