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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Internet Explorer option in win10?

The “Internet Explorer” option was missing from the, “Turn Windows features on or off”, list. I solved it by opening the, “Apps & features” Systems settings window. Near the top, click, “Optional features”. This opens the “Optional features” window.

What is the version number of Internet Explorer 11?

Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10 version 1903 and Windows 10 version 1909 Internet Explorer 11 will have a version number that starts with 11.0.9600.***** on: Windows 7

Do you need to download Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 10?

You don't need to download and install Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 10 because it's already installed. To open Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 10, in the search box on the taskbar, type Internet Explorer, and then select Internet Explorer in the list of results. Learn more about how to use Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 10.

What to do if Internet Explorer is missing in Windows 10?

Fix to missing Internet Explorer from Windows 10. Step 1: Open Start menu, click All apps (if you can’t see All apps, refer to our All apps missing in Windows 10 guide), and then navigate to Windows Accessories folder. Note that in Windows 10 anniversary update builds, there is no All apps button in the Start menu.

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