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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the menu bar on Internet Explorer?

The Menu bar is displayed at the top of the window, and includes options such as File, Edit and View. Open a Windows Explorer window by clicking the folder icon in your taskbar, or by opening any folder on your computer.

How do you get toolbar for Internet Explorer?

Open Internet Explorer. Click "Tools" from the command bar at the top-right side. Click "Toolbars" from the "Tools" drop-down list. A list of your Internet Explorer toolbars appears. Click a toolbar from the list. The toolbar displays. If you do not see your desired toolbar button,...

How do you enable menu bar in Internet Explorer?

– Pressing the “Alt” button on your keyboard will enable the Menu Bar on your Internet Explorer 9. – Choose any of the bar that you want to use by going to View Toolbar in the menu – Press “ALT” key to show Menu bar and then enable the desired bar using “View -> Toolbars” menu.

How do you get Favorites Bar on Internet Explorer?

Open the Internet Explorer browser. Click "View" at the top of the window. Select "Toolbars" from the menu. Click "Favorites Bar" on the submenu to give it a check mark beside the title. This will put the "Favorites Bar" on the toolbar.

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