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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you test internet speed for free?

Open your preferred browser and access the Internet. Navigate to one of the free Internet speed check sites, such as Ookla's, or go to your Internet provider's website and locate the site's speed testing tools.

What is the best way to test the internet speed?

But First, Another Way to Test Your Internet Speed. Another way to test your internet speed is to download files and use a browser such as Fire Fox to see how quickly they are being downloaded. Fire Fox tells you in a little window. You can also time the download using an online stopwatch.

How do you run an internet speed test?

How To Run A Speed Test Be sure to place the laptop, tablet or smartphone you are using as close to your router as possible. ... Be sure to turn off any other devices that might be clogging your connection. ... On the device you are using for testing, be sure that you aren't actively downloading any files or updates before beginning the test.

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